Camping Gear Rentals
Camping gear rentals at Long Lake's portal to Kawartha Highlands Signature Site
Per calendar day rates
Tents Lightweight Dome tent sleeps 2 adults comfortably with room for a third person, 2-3 man tent, weight 10 lbs. (4.8kg.) $10.00
10 % off after 4 days.
Sleeping Bags Lightweight, designed for warmer weather camping -7C. and above, 2 lbs (.09kg) $6.00
10 % off after 4 days.
Self inflating sleeping pad Rockwater air lift. non-slip bottom features open cell foam anti lock brass valvez nylon, carrying case, weights 2 lbs. (.09kg.) $6.00
10 % off after 4 days.
Back Pack Top loading canoe packs padded back + shoulder straps sidewand + fresh water bottle pockets - various sizes. $8.00
10 % off after 4 days.
Barrell Pack
45 Liter
Barrell Pack comes with or without harness, is water tight and floats, great for holding and hanging food and gear.
with harness $8.00
without harness $5.00
Single burner stove Lightweight, uses propane canister packs, easy weighs 1.6 lbs. (624gr.) fuel extra. $4.00
10 % off after 4 days.
Double burner stove comes with its own carrying case, perfect for trips without portaging, uses propane cylinder, weighs 8 lbs. (3.64kg.) $10.00
10 % off after 4 days.
Cook set Stainless steel with 1 liter pot + lid, 1.4 liter pot + lid, 6" lightweight compact frying pan in carrying bag, stainless steel spatula + spoon included. $3.00 per day
10 % off after 4 days.
Complete cook kit comes with above cook set, 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 cups, stainless steel utensils for 2, stainless steel spatula + spoons, all contained in a neat pack. $4.50
10 % off after 4 days.
Add single burner stove to above $7.50
10 % off after 4 days.
Bow Saw Lightweight aluminum is colapsible and compact, fits easily in your pack. $3.00
Lantern Takes propane cylinder for those not portaging, it's a great light for your campsite.
Complete camping gear rental package
1 consists of your choice barrell pack or back pack.
1 2 - 3 person tent.
2 sleeping bags.
2 self inflating sleeping pads.
1 complete cooking kit for 2 single burner, stove included - fuel extra.
1 bow saw
$65.00 per calendar day
Contact Long Lake for further necessities or requirements for your excursion,
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