Tying the Knot - Boating
Tying The Knot

How to tie the knot
Animated Knots by Grog - Tie knots the fun and easy way
Tying the Knot - Fishing

The Boy Scouts Association Handbook for Canada 1930 Webmaster's Note: The material on the site is ‘Reproduced by permission of The Scout Association Trustees’. The copyright of images used is held by The Scout Association as defined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Editor’s Note:
The reader is reminded that these texts have been written a long time ago. Consequently, they may use some terms or express sentiments which were current at the time, regardless of what we may think of them at the beginning of the 21st century. For reasons of historical accuracy they have been preserved in their original form. If you find them offensive, we ask you to please delete this file from your system. Page references in the Table of Contents, and within the body of the text, have been changed from the original version to correspond to the pagination of this e-edition. This and other traditional Scouting texts may be downloaded from The Dump.

HANDBOOK FOR CANADA (1930) REVISED HANDBOOK FOR CANADA of The Boy Scouts Association Copyright, Canada, 1930 By Canadian General Council of the Boy Scouts Association FIRST EDITION Originally Published by THE CANADIAN GENERAL COUNCIL of THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION (Incorporated by Act of Parliament of Canada) HEADQUARTERS OTTAWA, ONTARIO CANADA.
(Incorporated by Act of Parliament of Canada) Dominion Headquarters, OTTAWA Ontario.

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The british way and salutes to the king.

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Survival traps and snares
Walter Muma, A sourceful white man in the Native Indian community
Wilderness Survival techniques at Wildwood Survival;
Disclaimer , Wildwood Survival , Wilderness Survival , Traps , Snares , Food & Cooking , Edible Wild Plants .

Leatherwood Trail
The Wildwood Canada group - Walter Muma
Wildwood Survival, Stone Age Skills, Wildwood Tracking, Tracking Quiz, Tracker Trail, Leatherwood Trail,
James Bay Road, Route de la Baie James, Rupert River, Trans-Labrador, Hwy Moped Trip,
Ontario Wildflowers, Ontario Trees & Shrubs, Ontario Ferns, Ontario Grasses, Ontario Insects, World of Mosses,
Wildwood Canada, Mumart, Wild Ontario, Ontario Trackers, Orangeville Trackers, Wildwood Trackers, Earth Caretaker

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